Thursday, 3 March 2011

Becoming a Ninja!

Today I logged into Pico to be greeted invitation from the Ninja!?!??! :O

First you must travel to the Jokamachi area and meet the Ninja who will introduce you to the two shadows, Blue Shadow

and the Red Shadow.

The Red Shadow explains the “Magic Box” and that if you collect all 30 pieces of the book you will get a special ninja suit!!!

After speaking to the ninjas you must travel to the Ooku Living room to begin the Squeaky Clean!”

Once there you will meet Green Shadow, he will instruct you to clean the floors until the blue quest bar is full.

After you’re done head back to Jokamachi. The main ninja will tell you to bow infront of the door. It will open and lead you here:

The Upside down ninja will give you a scarf and tell you to run around the room until the blue bar is filled to complete the quest!

Once done head back to Jokamachi.

Number 3, Capture the Flag

Sasuke says this one is a bit hard... Sasuke will instruct you to speak with the fireman of Jokamachi.

Just click on the arrow to get on the roof. Try to avoid broken tiles! You will fall down and have to start over!! It is very hard u.u;;
If you get the flag and fall don’t worry, just run back to the fire man.I suggest wearing a Ninja outfit, it will let you run faster.

Number 4, Training Delivery

Sasuke has places an arrow on the side of Jokamachi, this will lead to the back alley where you can find the Green Shadow again.

The Green Shadow will give you a cloak, you can hide from the police under this cloak. Run to the other end of the alley and talk with the ninja to complete the quest.

Final training! Ninja Jump!

Sasuke has put yet another arrow on the side of Jokamachi to lead you to the Riverside;

to learn how to jump like a ninja. Once at the river you must speak with the Red Shadow. You must jump from lily to lily, try not to fall in!
I know the Pink Flowers are pretty but do not jump on them!

Try to reach the other end to complete the quest. Once you have finished return to Sasuke!

Post Training

Keep up your training every 12 hours (or with Rice Balls) to gain the legendary Ninja Suit!

Have fun out there ninjas!

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  1. sweet blog, but i wanna kno, how do u run fast? u kno, the thing the other ppl hav been doing. they run fast. du u kno how 2?